What Others Are Saying

Here’s what customers had to say about Miss Zee products:

“We received our package today my daughter is so happy last week she took her color book for show tell at school.”
-Nikki Robinson

“My niece loves her shirt! She also rocks the backpack everyday to school! Wish I had Miss Zee around in the 80’s!”
-Carissa Spencer

“As a white, mother of four, i have to tell you that i have always tried to integrate all peoples color into my childrens play world, and it has been difficult to say the least. my oldest daughters very first (and only for awhile) babydoll, was an african american babydoll that we named vanessa. as the accumulation of babydolls grew, unfortunately, the selection of black dolls, did not. we have three that are distinctly different from each other, but only addie (american girl doll) has a more authentic color and hair texture rather then just being a white doll w/brownish tone. i have often felt saddened for children of african descent for the lack of representation available to them. we have a dozen or so white babydolls that all have distinctly different looks. it isn’t right, and i appreciate to tip on how to ethnicitize (don’t think that’s a word, but i’m using it anyway) the do’s on the princesses…great idea.”

“Ms Elizabeth says, “Thank you mama, her hair looks like mine!!”:) I love this coloring book!!! Thank you!'”
-Tenia Spencer Hoskins