Miss Zee Valentine's Day cards for little girls of color.

Miss Zee Valentine’s Day cards for little girls of color.

Looking for cards made with little girls of color in mind? Want to ensure that your little one isn’t giving out the same cards as other classmates? Get these free Valentine’s Day card printables.

You will need:
-A printer to print the cards.
-Card stock or matte paper.
-A hole puncher or tape.
-Valentine’s Day Suckers, pencils or whatever you can include.

If you don’t have a printer, or don’t want to use a lot of ink, you can opt to get the sheets printed at a print center like Kinko’s or Staples. They charge by the sheet and they are really cheap.

For  items to go with the cards (as pictured above), I used Charm’s cherry flavored lollipops, heart-shaped lollipops and Valentine’s Day pencils from the Dollar Tree. Each item from the store is only $1 each.  Depending on what type of item you buy and how many students are in your class, you may only have to buy one or two bags. The Dollar Tree sells card stock paper as well.

If you’re using a hole puncher, you will need to punch two holes in the area that you want to stick the candy in. On some of the cards, you can punch the holes in certain areas that will give Miss Zee the illusion of holding the candy.

Miss Zee Valentine's Day Cards

These Valentine’s Day Cards are free, but they are for personal use only. Please do not try to profit from them.

Thank you and enjoy!