Miss Zee was created out of a mother’s frustration of not seeing characters that resembled her daughter, Zee.

After Zee began showing a dislike for her natural appearance, her mother decided to create a coloring book that depicted illustrations of a puffy-haired girl named Miss Zee.

The homemade coloring pages turned into professionally manufactured coloring books.

This was due to an overwhelming amount of requests by those who shared similar stories.  Miss Zee then extended its brand to other items like backpacks, decor, apparel and more.

Miss Zee is a character that comes in many forms.

Her main focus is to uplift young girls, make girls feel special even in a world that may sometimes tell them otherwise, and let them know that they are perfect exactly the way that they are.


We pride ourselves on creating 100% custom products.

Our products are professionally manufactured with the blueprints that we provide, without the use of cookie-cutter, on-demand print companies. This enables us to improve our products and provide our customers with something thats just as unique as they are.