Subscription Box Policy

How often will subscription boxes be received?
Boxes will be received once every two months. 

Here is our schedule for 2017-2018:

December 2017
February 2018
April 2018
June 2018
August 2018
October 2018
December 2018

How often are recurring charges made?
Recurring charges will be made on the 15th every two months.

Here is our payment schedule for 2018:
January 2018
March 2018
May 2018
July 2018
September 2018
November 2018

Can I customize what type of items my child will receive?
Our goal is to expose your child to characters of various looks, but we will occasionally provide certain items to match your child when there’s variations of a particular product.

Can I exchange an item for a different style?
Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges.

Do you ship subscription boxes internationally?
Unfortunately, we only ship within the US.

Can I opt out of receiving boxes?
Yes. Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime under the ‘My Account’ section.